Our Alumni network


Since its inception in 2007, our alumni network now counts close to  200 individuals, from thriving professionals to academics and politicians to celebrated entrepreneurs. 21inc has had an observable and measurable impact. We are very pleased to announce the data from our latest survey with our alumni community who have participated in our programs:

Our retention rate is 92%!
This means that of our 197 alums, 180 remained in the Atlantic Provinces and are thriving professionals or entrepreneurs. We know that the exodus of young people is a challenge for all Atlantic Provinces, so we are pleased that our programs help to address this problem. 

After completing our leadership programs, close to 50% of our alumni have experienced a significant change in their careers; for many, this change was an actual a promotion or significant work capacity change, reflecting on their growth as leaders. 

Over one third of our alumni network are entrepreneurs in various industries. This includes 54 existing businesses that are contributing to the regional economy and remarkably, we have not only maintained an excellent retention rate, but 14 leaders have decided to open their own businesses after completing our program bringing our total number of entrepreneurs to 74 (representing 36% of our alumni) across the region! 

Since 21inc is an organization that encourages its leaders to give back to their communities and contribute positively to the development of our communities, we can say that over 200 community-based projects have been started or deepened by our alums since the beginning of our programs. For each leader, this represents at least one project that was instigated during their participation in our programs and thereafter.

These results can only mean what we have been stating for years since our inception: our programs work and indeed lead to success!

What do people say about us?

"People are Atlantic Canada's best resource. They are our oil wells and gold mines. 21 inc's innovative program is the investment we need to bring important economic and social returns."
-Frank McKenna
Deputy Chair, TD Bank Group

"I've been totally impressed with 21 inc's success at engaging our most promising young leaders with some of our most pressing challenges. They learn why it's so important that they step up and contribute to building a better province. Their programs give them the opportunity to do so. I have been a supporter of 21 inc from day one. "
-Aldéa Landry
President, Landal Inc

"21 inc has shown that with the right support we can build a cadre of entrepreneurs- in business and the social sector- who are already bringing to the region new energy, ideas and confidence. "
-Elizabeth Beale, President & CEO,
Atlantic Provinces Economic Council

"Through 21inc, I've gained the support and skills to act boldly in pursuit of my goals. I've made lifelong friends and been introduced to a great channel for creativity, business development and forward-thinking. It is an honour to be a part of a group that generates so much enthusiasm and hope for the future of the Atlantic region."
-Mike Kennedy, Manager
Internal Audit at Government of Nova Scotia, alumni 2010

"I dream bigger since my 21 Leaders experience. The exposure to like-minded peers and established leaders made me realize how close I was to operating at the level I needed to, to be successful in my field. I know what it takes and will give that extra bit to get there."
-Christina Taylor, Senior Consultant
ROC Consulting, Alumni 2009