Patrick Duguay

Sales and marketing representative, Thermal Wood Canada.
New Brunswick

Born and raised in Allardville in the Chaleur region, Patrick Duguay is currently a sales and marketing representative with Thermal Wood Canada.

A red seal carpenter, he worked previously in the construction industry for 12 years. Having started doing a variety of small jobs at the age of 12 and extensive volunteering, he has developed broad experience in the labour market. Over the years, he has worked with a wide range of business owners, managers and leaders. Always one to come up with innovative ideas, Patrick loved to take active part in discussions with his superiors. Over time, he realized that his robust sense of initiative and leadership qualities would be put to best use in company management. All in all, a career change became inevitable once he reached his thirties.

Patrick is an active, intelligent and highly social individual. People feel drawn to him and, with good reason, find him trustworthy. He is always smiling and loves to meet new people.