Next edition: September 2014 to June 2015
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The 21Leaders program is a province-wide leadership development program spanning 10-months. It targets young leaders in each Maritime province who have been demonstrating exceptional leadership skills and are attuned to the needs of their communities. These leaders, from across the province, come together and are paired up with a seasoned mentor, giving them the potential to stretch themselves early on in their professional paths.  These 21Leaders will grow from the group diversity and finding a network of like-minded individuals, which provides peer-support as well as a safe environment in which to engage in enriching dialogues.  Finally, the opportunity provided through the program of launching a community-initiative and bringing it to fruition after 10 months will represent the ideal platform for the selected leaders to take their leadership to the next level.  

Must meet criteria:

·         Currently reside or be originally from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia or Prince Edward Island

Key Selection Criteria:

Ideal candidates for 21Leaders will be well-equipped to bring strong leadership, as demonstrated through professional work experience and a clear intention of playing a substantial leadership role for the rest of their career. Ideal candidates will have clearly defined and measurable professional goals, which will play a pivotal role in not only their organization but also the Atlantic economy and Atlantic Canadian communities. Ideal candidates will exhibit a commitment to serve the community and society at large.

Core competencies the ideal candidates will have or demonstrate potential in include;

1.    Innovation & Creativity: Comes up with a lot of new and unique ideas; easily makes connections among previously unrelated notions. Known as someone who constantly challenges the status quo, questioning how things have been done in the past and looking for new or better ways of doing things. Has the creativity and entrepreneurialism to predict the demands of the market and develop new or enhanced service offerings in tune with the needs of tomorrow. Forward thinker who can visualize a clear path toimplement and execute on their vision and initiatives.

2.    Change Champion: Demonstrates change potential, driving and responding to change when and where they have ownership to do so (e.g., community initiatives); seeing opportunity in uncertainty. Anticipates the need for change and actively lead change efforts through their words as well as their actions; Build support for the change initiative and take personal responsibility to ensure the changes are successfully implemented.

3.    Global Citizen: Takes a broad picture perspective with a diverse mindset and prioritizes social responsibility; seeks out opportunity to build cross-cultural understanding.  Is attuned to community needs and have they been involved in community activities or initiatives outside of their paid work or have implemented initiatives or engaged in activities within their paid work to serve their community. Wishes to make a larger contribution to the community or society; envisions how their skills are transferable across industries, companies and roles.

4.    Building & Maintaining Relationships: Demonstrates exceptional interpersonal and relationship development skills; actively seeking out opportunities to build relationships important to their organizations and their communities. Establishes productive relationships with clients, employees, team members, community members and other key stakeholders; considers how their actions or decisions may impact other groups or departments and work collaboratively to accomplish goals. Proactively takes advantage of mentorship opportunities provided to them, taking ownership to get the full potential out of the relationship.

5.    Collaboration: Inspires followership and models a true sense of collaboration. Has a desire to lead others and exerts effort to do so. Inspires others to perform by setting a good example of hard work and a willingness to extend himself/herself to meet objectives. Is in a role that cannot be done without working with other people in a team or customer service context (i.e. not an independent contributor role).

6.    Resilience:  Has the ability to ‘get things done’ when difficult circumstances arise. Manages leadership/work expectations that span multiple generations; reconciling differing expectations without taking it personally. Maintains positivity in the face of frustration, set-backs or obstacles.  Is resourceful and demonstrates confidence to take initiative to take appropriate risks and own the outcomes of their decisions without fear of repercussions. Deals with work related problems, pressure, and stress in a professional and positive manner.Recovers quickly when faced with obstacles or setbacks.

7.    Critical Thinking & Follow Through:Thinks critically to identify problems or issues and then draw conclusions by gathering, analyzing and interpreting information. Understands the total enterprise and how things work together, considering the bigger picture or wider impacts of their actions and work. Takes initiative, persists and follows tasks through to completion; demonstrates career progression to date and have a plan in place for how they hope to continue to progress throughout their career.

8.    Clear Communication: Listens effectively and develops rapport with others; Influences others through well-developed oral and written communications skills; Articulates their thoughts and ideas clearly and over-communicates with others to ensure initiatives are understood. A team player who works collaboratively with business partners, colleagues and community leaders.

Examples of ideal candidate:

·         A natural leader in their organization and who is seeking to access senior management roles in the near future;

·         An artist or musician who is developing their art while demonstrating a desire to foster the cultural scene in their province through their advocacy;

·         An entrepreneur still in start-up phase (under 5 years of existence) but already making progress, showing profitability and high growth potential;

·         A teacher seeking innovative methods to transmit knowledge, pairing up technology with pedagogy or being exemplary models by leading their classrooms to support their communities (Tree of Hope campaign, Relay for life, etc.);

·         A leader in the not-for-profit space, striving to seek self-sufficiency for their organization, diversifying revenues, and fostering great partnerships.

Application process

The nomination being the entry to submit their application, each nominated leader will be invited to fill out their application package, which consists of the following requrements:

·         Questionnaire with essay-type questions

·         Three (3) references

·         Updated resume

·         Valid provincial I.D. that is used to validate their age

·         Signing a contractual agreement that confirms their availability for all program components as well as confirming their fundraising contribution (see below on fundraising requirement).   

Selection day:

A shortlist of 40 candidates* is to be developed by KRBS in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island for the judges to review. This is a mandatory requirement of the selection process and as such, candidates must attend this session. The selection day will enable networking amongst like-minded peers, therefore creating potential initiatives or partnerships regardless of final admittance in the program. Other fun activities such as professional development workshop, team-building exercises, and elevator pitches are planned; the ultimate goal however is to enable the jury to assess the candidates in person during a 15-minute interview.
*For the province of PE, the shortlist will be smaller due to the fact that the program will run as a pilot program for its first edition.

Fundraising requirement

As adopted by 21inc's board of directors, each leader admitted into the program* must contribute financially by means available to them towards the prosperity of the organization and the alumni network. The fundraising fee can be achieved through crowd-funding platforms, sponsorships, employer contributions, etc. The key element is to give back in return to instill in each leader the importance of being good community citizens. Therefore, if an employer pays the required contribution, then the leader must in return explore ways to acknowledge this support, such as sharing with fellow colleagues his newly acquired knowledge; if a crowd-funding platform is utilized, the leader must do something for the community.   Funding may be available for people to whom this presents a too great of a barrier to participate in the program. 

*Only the leaders who will be part of the final 21Leaders cohort must comply with this requirement; nominees and finalists do not have to do any fundraising as part of the selection process.  If further clarification is required, please contact 21inc offices at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Programming components

The required components for this edition includes the following:

·         4 accelerators of 2.5 days each  (10 days) - group

·         Study tour (4 to 6 days)-group

·         Mentor-matching (24 hours offered)- individual basis

·         Entrepreneurial projects - individual basis ( up to 100 hours)

Total estimated time commitment: approximately 22 days over 10 months

Calendar of activities*





1st accelerator & mentor-matching

Sept 11-14
Sept 18-21

Sept 25-28 
Grand Pre
Provincial Study Tour
*in PEI, sectorial tour

Oct 19-25
Kicking off in Fredericton
Nov 2-6
Headquartered in Charlottetown 
Nov 16-22
kicking off in Halifax

2nd accelerator

Jan 9-11

Jan 16-18
Mill River 
Jan 23-25
New Glasgow
3rd accelerator

April 10-12
Chaleur area
April  17-19
April 24-26
Inverness, CB
4th accelerator

June 4-7
June 11-14
Charlottetown and 1 day outside of town
June 18-21
Outside of Halifax
Project presentations & Graduation ceremony June 6
Moncton or Shédiac
Location TBD
June 13
Confederation Centre of the Arts, Charlottetown
June 20
Halifax, location TBD

*This calendar could be subjected to change.