Ayon Shahed

Choices for Youth

LinkedIn: https://ca.linkedin.com/pub/ayon-shahed/16/955/294

This September marked Ayon's first year as a Newfoundlander and Labradorian. He's been working in fundraising, marketing, and strategic planning for Choices for Youth, and hopes to play a role in creating and/or accelerating social impact in the province.

Ayon’s path here includes a childhood in Bangladesh, a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Queen’s University, four years as a volunteer and staff with Engineers Without Borders Canada, and side projects in photography, writing, and most recently, social entrepreneurship.

Ayon believes that organizations lead and succeed based on the growth and wellness of their people, and enjoys building communities that enable both. He is excited by powerful communication pieces, people with big ideas, and enjoys learning on his feet.  

You’ll likely find Ayon listening to an eclectic collection of playlists (with an over-representation of Taylor Swift) while drawing diagrams and scribbling notes, or deep in a conversation about the share economy, mental health, existentialism, education reform, renewable technologies or anything in between.