Julia Somody

Chair for the Early Career Psychologists Committee
Nova Scotia

Professional listener. Yoga instructor. Arts enthusiast. Advocate. Consummate traveler. Former finance nerd. Julia Somody has a diverse background.

A passionate community leader, she blends her experiences in the corporate sector and health services to help others achieve their full potential. She works as a psychologist at Waldegrove Psychological Services and at Dalhousie University, where she brings her enthusiasm for advocacy and the promotion of holistic wellness to her work with her clients.

Originally from British Columbia, Julia’s love of adventure and community brought her to Nova Scotia where she has developed her practice as a psychologist, focusing on working with individuals in career and life transition. In her spare time, she is the Chair for the Early Career Psychologists Committee (which provides mentorship, professional development, and networking opportunities to psychologists in the first ten years of practice), a board member for Metroworks (an organization that collaborates with local businesses to create employment opportunities for individuals living with mental illness), a member of the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Committee, a yoga instructor in the community, and an avid reader, runner and rower.