Jarett Nickerson

Market Development Manager
C-Therm Technologies Ltd.
Fredericton, New Brunswick

Jarett (Jay) Nickerson is a profit-focused product manager based in Fredericton, New Brunswick who brings his leadership to an international distribution network. Working anywhere from Budapest to Los Angeles, Milan to Santiago, Jay’s professional goals are to be the catalyst for efficient and timely sales worldwide, driving the export value of C-Therm’s laboratory technology.

Holding a BBA from the University of New Brunswick with honours in Marketing and Economics, as well as several professional certifications including Mastering Business Development Institute training, Pragmatic Marketing and The Wallace McCain Institute’s 2iC program, Jay seeks to bring his expertise and vision to environmentally, economically and socially sustainable organizations within Atlantic Canada. Jay’s most recent endeavors within the community include volunteering his skills with New Brunswick Community Harvest Gardens (strategic planning) and NB Families for Midwives (marketing). With the vision of a future in Atlantic Canada full of thriving and profitable local business, Jay is driven by the nature, family and community he was raised in.

When not flying between countries or lecturing at scientific conferences, Jay can be found digging in the garden with his family, playing beach volleyball, or bartending special events.