21inc's Under 40 Summit

Next edition: November 1-4, 2015
Location of Summit: Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Nomination period: April 1st - May 15, 2015


This intense 3-day Summit gathers the most impactful entrepreneurial leaders aged under 40 years old in Atlantic Canada for a meaningful training and networking opportunity. Recognizing their accomplishments to date and being branded as the Top 50 entrepreneurial leaders in Atlantic Canada, these leaders come from all sectors and have been settling into senior management roles or expanding their businesses in recent years and being acknowledged for their work. In addition, they are well-entrenched in their communities either by playing active roles as board members, leading initiatives aimed at improving or changing a situation, or by being great role models that inspire others.    The leaders who will participate in this unique experience seek to expand their network regionally and strive to work on Atlantic Canada’s economic prosperity in their own respective fields and manners. Participating in the Ideas Festival which immediately follows the Summit will enable the leaders to engage in meaningful discussions with some of our top leaders in the nation and start regional initiatives.

Core competencies:

1.    Strategic and Visionary Thinking:Has the ability to formulate and articulate a future vision and can translate the vision into strategies and action plans that will enable the business to achieve its strategic objectives.  Set and effectively communicate vision and direction for people. Thinking critically to identify problems or issues and then draw conclusions by gathering, analyzing and interpreting information. Understands the total enterprise and how things work together.

2.    Collaboration: Inspire followership and model a true sense of collaboration. Effectively influences the activities of team members to achieve results.  They foster teamwork and promote good team processes that best utilize the talents of the group to accomplish objectives.

3.    Building & Maintaining Relationships: Has exceptional interpersonal and relationship development skills; establishes productive relationships with clients, employees, team members and other key stakeholders; Understanding and meeting the personal needs of individuals in order to build trust, encourage two-way communication, and strengthen relationships. Actively seek opportunities to build relationships important to their business.  They are in frequent contact with internal or external customers to assure satisfaction.  They consider how their actions or decisions may impact other groups or departments and work collaboratively to accomplish work goals.

4.    Clear Communication: Able to influence others through well-developed oral and written communications skills; a team player who works collaboratively with business partners and colleagues, continually looking out for what is best for the organization.  Over-communicates to ensure initiatives are understood. Listens effectively and develops rapport with others. They are able to articulate their thoughts and ideas clearly, they present information is a straightforward and logical way, and they ensure that they are understood

5.    Change Champion: Demonstrates change potential, driving and responding to change; seeing opportunity in uncertainty. Anticipates the need for change and actively leads change efforts through their words as well as their actions. They build the support of those affected by the change initiative and take personal responsibility to ensure the changes are successfully implemented.

6.    Innovation: Drive business competitiveness and innovation. Generate creative and strategic solutions that can be successfully implemented. They think in innovative ways and support similar thinking in others. They challenge and push the organization to constantly improve and grow.

7.    Global Citizen: Has a diverse mindset and prioritizes social responsibility. Seeks out opportunity to build cross-cultural understanding.

Examples of ideal candidates:

·         An Executive Director or CEO of an organization with less than 5 years of experience, being in the growing pains phase;

·         An entrepreneur in expansion stage, prepared to accelerate their growth and potential

·         Municipality leaders who strive on a daily basis to make their cities or villages a better place in which to live

·         A person who led an exceptional community initiative that served as the role model elsewhere (i..e: Gaetan Lanteigne who led the amalgamation of 16 communities into 1 LSD, becoming the 2nd largest francophone center in NB)

·         A doctoral student seeking to commercialize their research and/or have contributed to the advancement of the academic community