Program overview

Our organization has proven that it is not only one of the most promising youth-driven organization in Canada[1], but that we have also the most impactful network of leaders from all sectors that are aged 20 to 40 years old in Atlantic Canada[2]. Because we now offer our leadership programs on a yearly basis, whether it is the 21Leaders program (provincial scope) or the Emerging Leaders' Summit (regional program), our network grows at a rate of graduating 50 to 64 leaders per year. This builds capacity and provides an incredible momentum to be seized by our partners.

Our programs directly impact the region in the following four key areas: resource development, labour force, community development, and business/entrepreneurship development. We believe that Atlantic Canada needs to significantly increase wealth creation. 21inc's multi-sectorial approach (private sector, public sector, non-profits) helps leaders from all spheres of our ecosystem to recognize their role in building a strong Atlantic Canadian economy, how to collaborate with each other and how to measure success. Furthermore, our region needs strong communities to support business and population growth. That means recognizing the symbiotic relationship between our region's urban and rural areas. 21inc.'s programs, and in particular the 21Leaders program, promotes a new vision for Atlantic Canada, that includes greater regional cooperation, strong urban cores and a contemporary view of rural life.

[1] The Globe and Mail, Dec 13, 2014. "Three things Millennials need to launch their business". (

[2] Study conducted by David Campbell of Jupia Consultants: Impact Report Infographic here

21inc 2014 Year in Review