Mathieu Arsenault

Community Outreach and Investment Fund Manager, ACFOR Inc

Mathieu Arsenault’s current goal is to create prosperity, sustainability, and community vibrancy in the Maritimes by developing locally owned and sourced renewable energies. He is the Community Outreach Manager for ACFOR Inc, a Maritime owned and operated bio-energy company and is responsible for building community investment funds for renewable bioenergy. Mathieu wishes to see the Maritimes become a world leader in rural economic development. Mathieu holds a Bachelor’s in Political Science and Russian Studies and a Master’s of International Development. Mathieu’s experiences include real estate investing, working in youth leadership, sailing and teaching for 8 months on a tall ship and being part of the Team Canada support team at the Sochi 2014 Olympics. He speaks Russian, French and English fluently and happily calls Charlottetown his home.