Ginette Ahier

Founder, Choco-Cocagne; La boîte à truffes

Artist. Entrepreneur. Chocolate maker. Sales and marketing manager at Adorable Chocolate. Ginette Ahier has an eclectic background.

A Université de Québec music therapy graduate, Ginette has led dozens of experimental music therapy projects in schools, hospitals and prisons. In 2003, she released an album and traveled through La Francophonie, drawing the attention of the music industry and the public.

In 2008 she opened CHOCO-COCAGNE, a craft chocolate factory which was recognized as one of 20 emerging culinary companies in Canada in 2013 and named one of Canada’s Top 5  craft chocolate factories by Doreen Pendracs, author and specialist in chocolate in 2014.

Now incorporated with the French chocolate maker Frédéric Desclos under the name of Adorable Chocolat, their products are available in in 15 locations around the Maritimes.

Active as facilitator and speaker in community and school environment, Ginette will release a new album with her group Wanabi Farmeur, in September.