Sophie Lacroix

Acting Director
Strategic Initiatives, Education and Early Childhood Development, Department of Education

Sophie Lacroix is Acting Director of Strategic Initiatives in the Government of New Brunswick’s Education Department, education and early childhood division (Francophone). Here she manages the Linguistic and Cultural Development Policy for francophone education, which involves numerous leaders of the Acadian and French-speaking community. Previously, Sophie was the provincial coordinator of New Brunswick’s Génie Arts/ArtsSmarts program for more than eight years. She created and managed the artists-in-residence program, One School, One Artist. She worked closely on the development of A Global Strategy for the Integration of Arts and Culture into Acadian Society in New Brunswick. At the national level, Sophie Lacroix collaborates on projects to integrate arts and the culture in schools, such as the launch of the pan-Canadian Trousse du Passeur. Sophie has presented at conférences throughout Canada, Europe and Asia. Sophie has taught the arts in several schools in Quebec and New Brunswick. She is a musician and has played with a number of groups.