Kyle MacNevin

“Mr. Green” at Picaroons Traditional Ales

Kyle is a social entrepreneur, a beer-maker, an actor, a hockey goalie, and a first-rate storyteller.
When not scrubbing kegs or other cellarman duties, he focuses on new ways to promote the company’s mission “People, Planet, Profit”.  Recently, he was selected to spearhead an initiative to certify Picaroons as a benefit corporation for its adherence to rigorous standards of social and environmental performance.  
Kyle and his partner recently started the business, Wear Your Label; the first conscious clothing line aimed at individual consumer awareness of the importance of positive mental health.  
As a youth, Kyle was one of four co-founders of Youth Matters, which continues to expand its work with traditional and non-traditional young leaders to develop a provincial network of ambitious change-agents. 
Kyle is graduating this year from St. Thomas University where he studied Political Science, Theatre, and Human Rights. He hopes to pursue a graduate degree in architecture or design.