Emily Shapiro

Co-owner, Becaguimec Farm, NB
Programs Manager, Falls Brook Centre, NB


Emily Shapiro is a full-time Farmer at Becaguimec Farm where she raises livestock humanely and sustainably and provides accessibly, affordable whole foods to New Brunswickers at all income levels.  She is also a full-time Manager of Onsite and Community Programs at Falls Brook Centre, a sustainability education and demonstration centre.
In all of her work, Emily cultivates collaboration, facilitates knowledge-sharing, and encourages healthful living. She is a champion of well raised livestock, resilient rural communities, inspired and passionate youth, and wild natural spaces!
Emily has a Master of the Arts in Geography from the University of Guelph with a minor in Rural Extension. She is a member of her local Women’s Institute, women working for positive change, and sits on the Board of Directors for OCIA Atlantic the Organic Crop Improvement Association.