Ali Hamed

Partner, Scotia International, NS

Ali came to Canada from Kuwait to study English in 2003, and then came back in 2005 to study at Saint Mary’s University where he is currently enrolled in the Masters of Business Administration – Certified Management Accountant (MBA-CMA) program. He has been an active volunteer over the past several years on campus and in the local community. His real passion has been in his work with Peaceful Schools International (PSI) where he is a Memberof theNorthern Ireland Conflict Resolution Project that delivers annual conflict resolution workshops at several schools to several hundred students suffering the consequences of political conflict. Ali has been on the Board of Directors of the Saint Mary’s University Students' Association. In seeking election to the Board, he was able to engage a large number of international students by running his campaign in 11 languages. For many of these students, it was their first introduction to student government.

Ali aspires to a career as a Management Accountant and Consultant with an Atlantic Canada organization where he can sharpen his leadership skills and continue with his passion to volunteer for causes that have a direct impact on society’s wellbeing.

Ali has demonstrated thoughtful leadership while attending university in Nova Scotia. He has carved out a niche for himself on campus and with the volunteer organizations with which he has been involved. He strongly believes that goals are not ends to be met, but when achieved they are stepping stones for what comes next.