Nomination FAQ's

Q: What is this 21inc’s Under 40 Summit exactly?
A: Please refer to its description on the following page: We also recommend watching the testimonial videos.

Q: Why did we change the name of the program to '21inc's Under 40 Summit'?
A: The summit was previously called the 'Emerging Leaders’ Summit' - through feedback and reflection, 21inc realized that this name indicated that the leaders chosen were early-career, when all of those who had been chosen to participate in this program have already emerged as leaders in the region.

Q: Why did we choose our targeted age as 'under 40'?
A: We want to bring together a cross-section of leaders from various sectors, from various stages in their careers to work on complex issues together and stretch their 
critical thinking. 21inc’s vision is to lead change in Atlantic Canada and this will be achieved through the generation that will be called upon to lead. 

Q: Can I nominate myself?
A: No. The goal is to have a person who knows you well enough to know that you would be a good fit for this program.

Q: Can I nominate a family member?
A: As you will see on the nominations page (, we do not ask for the connection between the nominator and nominee.

Q: What is your selection process exactly?
A: It is a competitive process that starts with the third-party nomination, followed by an application submission (question development type) and a jury selection. There will be a provincial jury as well as a regional jury. We anticipate the selection process being concluded by the end of June. Selected candidates will be announced on or shortly after July 1, 2015. 

Q: I have been nominated before but did not proceed with the application; does it hinder my chances of being selected?
A: Not at all. We understand that timing can be everything and that circumstances change. The jury does not look at past applications-only the current one. Might we add that if you are nominated on a repeated basis, it is a great sign that your peers deem you a worthy candidate and should follow through! 

Q: Speaking of which, what do you look for in the applications questionnaire? 
A: Plain and simple, we are trying to figure out who you are! Be as specific as possible when answering the questions. We would rather see one great example being developed and supported rather than general statements that remind us of a political speech. 

Q: Does it matter who I use as my references in the application package?
A: Not really. We ask for 3 names with their coordinates (not letters) so that we can assess that you know at least 3 people who will vouch for you. Obtaining nods from established and respected leaders certainly strengthens your application, but the references are only there as additional supporting evidence for the jury. 

Q: Will there be a waiting list? 
A: Yes. It means that in the event a selected candidate can no longer participate, we want to ensure that another leader gets to seize the opportunity. 

Q: Is the Summit opened to all 4 Atlantic Provinces?
A: Yes! This is our regional and accelerated program stream. Please nominate any leader aged 20-40 who are current residents or from one of the Atlantic Provinces.

Q: I have participated in the 21leaders program already; am I eligible for the Summit?
A: Absolutely! Everyone has a chance to apply and be selected for both 21inc programs. Some 21inc leaders have started out with the SUMMIT and then applied to the 21Leaders and vice-versa. Each program is unique and has a different goal. The jury will always look at the candidate in front of them and how they embody the core competencies sought rather than focus on past participation in a 21inc program.  

Q: I want to nominate someone that is from Atlantic Canada but not a current resident. How does that work?
A: Please nominate any worthy candidate, regardless of their residence status. One of the goals of the Summit is to encourage networking at a regional level and thereby providing opportunities for the candidates to consider returning home. 21inc reserves special funds to provide travel bursaries to those candidates, should they be selected.  Please note however that being a resident in another province will not provide an advantage to the candidate. The jury will look at those candidates in the same fashion as the others and base their decisions on their core competencies.

Q: You often use the world “entrepreneurial”- does it mean your program is only for entrepreneurs?
A: Glad you asked! 21inc refers to “enterprising” individuals (i.e: the risk-takers, change-makers and disrupters) when we use that terminology. Our program remains the only one in the region that will offer a unique leadership experience for leaders aged 20-40 and from all sectors. 

Q: Can you provide examples of ideal candidates:
A: Sure, see below excerpt from the Summit’s info page:
  • An Executive Director or CEO of an organization with less than 5 years of experience, being in the growing pains phase;
  • An entrepreneur in expansion stage, prepared to accelerate their growth and potential
  • Municipality leaders who strive on a daily basis to make their cities or villages a better place in which to live
  • A person who has led an exceptional community initiative that served as the role model elsewhere (i..e: Gaetan Lanteigne who led the amalgamation of 16 communities into 1 LSD, becoming the 2nd largest francophone center in NB)
  • A doctoral student seeking to commercialize their research and/or have contributed to the advancement of the academic community
Q: I am a student- do I qualify?
A: Students qualify as long as they demonstrate how the core competencies we are seeking apply in their personal, academic and community lives. 

Q: Is there a program fee or cost to participate?
A: Travel costs for selected candidates is covered in full by 21inc (if required and needed). There is a “pay-it-forward” fee that is requested from selected candidates (not the nominees). This program fee of $500 goes towards the alumni council fund of 21inc and enables the sustainability of the organization in addition to supporting future alumni-related activities. This program fee can be fundraised in any shape way or form (sponsors, crowd-funding, family & friends, activity, etc.)

Q: What if the nominee cannot afford the program?
A: If this is the case, indicate in the nomination form and note if you or someone Summit would be willing to sponsor them.

Q: Are there any post-secondary credits attached to your program?
A: 21inc is currently working with a number of post-secondary institutions across the region to provide course credits for the leadership experience provided through our organization. This is still not a done deal and may take some time to firmly establish but be aware that we are working on it. On the positive note, some institutions have demonstrated keen interest!