Our story

21 inc is founded on a very simple premise: it is time for a new generation to lead.

That was the impetus in 2004 for a 10-month public policy initiative called Next NB. The highlight was a week-long tour of New Brunswick that introduced the 21 selected young people to leaders from business, the arts, politics and the community.

The lessons for the young participants were clear: the best companies, schools and communities all had great leadership as a competitive advantage. They also realized that there wasn’t a system in New Brunswick or the region to reliably develop great leadership. The participants founded 21 inc to do this.

Launched in 2007, 21inc’s advanced leadership experience for young people, aged 20-35, have spread to encompass all four Atlantic provinces. Today, 21inc’s growing alumni network regularly draws upon intergenerational and multi-sector network to enrich their work and inform their perspectives.

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