21 Oct

21 New Brunswick leaders are touring the province

Twenty-one young New Brunswick leaders from 21inc.’s  21leaders program are meeting with established leaders throughout the province in collective discussions on how they can exercise leadership during periods of change. Their tour is scheduled to end October 25th.

“ We are all aware that New Brunswick finds itself in a precarious situation, and now more than ever we must be ready to work shoulder to shoulder in finding solutions together, as citizens, so that we can push our province up and forward. Younger and older, women and men, francophones and anglophones, all of us must forge ahead, innovate and work together,” said Jordan Brown, Chairman of 21inc.

Under the theme “ Leadership in our Province in Time of Great Change” the 21leaders will meet such people as John McLaughlin,  21inc. Co-Founder; Andrew Oland, from Moosehead Breweries; Paul Lanteigne, Renewable Energy Co-operative President; Léopold Pinet, of the Centre Bénévole de la Péninsule, and Julie Landry-Godin from the Réseau d’inclusion communautaire de la Péninsule acadienne. 

Yesterday, the 21 young leaders had the good fortune of meeting with André Vincent, Assumption Life CEO and Richard Saillant, Director General of the Canadian Institute for Research on Public Policy and Public Administrationand author of the book Over the Cliff?.

With this tour, 21inc aims to change participants’ perceptions and beliefs concerning New Brunswick and to educate them on their role as citizens of the world.

 “In this era of globalization, all of us have become citizens of the world. But to excel as world citizens, leaders must take care of their country, their province and their own community.  The tour is specifically intended to increase awareness of this reality in the program’s recent graduates, and to inspire them and guide them in this train of thought”, added Mr. Brown.

Last July, 21inc. unveiled the list of leaders emerging from the organization’s program, 21Leaders, a program now being offered in all three Maritime Provinces.


Follow the 21 leaders on social media using hash-tag #21leaders, and on our Twitter account @21inc.