20 Jun

21inc reveals impressive results from a study on the impact of its programs

Strong from its 10 years in existence, 21inc ordered a study on the impact of its programs amongst the young leaders who have benefited from them. The results show that 21inc has a very real and significant influence amongst its participants and with the community as well. More than 200 people have benefited from the organization’s various programs so far.

The study, led by the Jupia Consultants Firm in Moncton, has reached 105 past participants through a survey, which amounts to approximately 50% of all people having benefited from these programs.

The results are astonishing:

-          41% of alumni participants have founded one or numerous businesses or social enterprises in various sectors such as information technologies, arts and culture, manufacturing and real estate.

-          The 40 enterprises owned by the survey respondents create 475 jobs, generate more than 74 million dollars in revenue, contribute to the GDP in the Atlantic for a value of 63 million dollars, and pay between 9.6 and 16 million dollars in property taxes.

-          86% of the group make more than 50 000 dollars annually and 23% make more than 100 000 dollars a year.

-          75% of the alumni are volunteering their time on a regular basis.

-          54% affirm that their participation in 21inc activities was a deciding factor in their decision to stay in the Atlantic region.

In light of these results, the organization’s outgoing president, Alain Parent was adamant on the need to have such an organization in the region. “We need to keep pushing our various programs forward, and maintain the idea and the legacy that those initial 15 participants gave us.” These results were presented during the organization’s AGM, June 19th.

The year 2013-2014 was a very busy one for the organization, which included hosting of the 2nd Emerging Leaders’ Summit which gathered Atlantic Canada’s Top 50 Young Leaders, the 3rd edition of the Ideas Festival with the theme “Collaborate or Evaporate”, and the completion of 21Leaders programs for New-Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

For 21 inc’s Executive Director, Nadine Duguay, these results are well above expectations. “We knew through the discussions that we have with our alumni that 21inc has made a difference in their lives. It is formidable however, to see the magnitude that this impact has had on them and the positive socio-economic benefits in our communities. We have all the reasons to keep evolving,” concludes Mrs. Duguay.