25 Apr

Record numbers in nominations to the 21Leaders Program

The 21 Leaders for the 21st Century organization (also known as 21 inc.) is rejoicing at the large number of nominations to the 21Leaders Program. The 628 nominations received from all over the Maritimes is a record number since the creation of the program.

In March, 21inc. issued a call to the Francophone and Anglophone communities of the Maritime Provinces to nominate young leaders of 40 years and under who distinguish themselves by their commitment to their communities. “We have by far surpassed our nominations goal, and we are seeing that number with very bright eyes. Therein lays the proof that the leadership in our communities is doing well, and that more and more youth are participating and making a difference in their environments. The support and the recognition on the communities’ part are essential in the blossoming of a positive leadership.” explains Alain Parent, President of 21inc.  
In New-Brunswick, the number of nominations saw an impressive augmentation, especially amongst the Francophone community. According to Nadine Duguay, Executive Director of 21inc. these numbers accurately reflect the province’s sociocultural realities.

Prince-Edward-Island’s communities were numerous in their response to the call with 101 nominations. This response is phenomenal, as it is the first time that the provincial program will be offered there.

“These numbers are also a direct result of our promotion efforts throughout the Maritimes. We are noticing that 21 inc. is becoming significantly more visible, and is making its niche in community leadership.” Explains Mrs. Duguay.

The nominated candidates who wish to participate in the 21Leaders program need to fill out an application before May 11th. Forty leaders will thus be chosen in each province, and will be invited to Selection day in June where they will have the chance to meet their peers. The organization and members of the jury will meet with each of the participants while taking into account many leadership evaluation criteria. The final selection will be announced at the end of June.

The 21Leaders Program targets young leaders in each Maritime province who have been demonstrating exceptional leadership skills and are attuned to the needs of their communities. These leaders, from across the province, come together and are paired up with a seasoned mentor, giving them the potential to stretch themselves early on in their professional paths. The 21Leaders Program is a province-wide leadership development program spanning 10-months.