15 Oct

The Emerging Leaders' Summit offers participants a unique experience

The 50 participants of the 21inc Emerging Leaders' Summit will learn about a new leadership trend during this year's event: authentic leadership. According to this new trend, leaders become motivators and sources of inspiration rather than simply those who give orders and lead. The Summit will be held from October 20 to 23 in Digby, Nova Scotia.

Robert Ziegler, a well-known trainer from Halifax and an expert in authentic leadership will accompany participants during the three days of the Summit. They will  be initiated to the art of debating as well as the art of storytelling and will learn how to participate in difficult conversations. Finally, they will be given a presentation on governance from the point of view of seasoned leaders with Pat Mella, Rae Hull and Jeff Forbes.

"Workshops will touch upon various aspects of a leader's role. In this relatively short time span, we want to provide our participants with these skills that inspiring people have in common", says Nadine Duguay, executive director of 21inc.

Our Government is pleased to once again support the work of 21inc in bringing together our region’s most promising entrepreneurial leaders,” said the Honourable Rob Moore, Minister of State (Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency). “Our investment in the Emerging Leaders Summit will help young Atlantic Canadians further develop the leadership skills they need to innovate and compete, and continue to help shape the future of our communities, our region and our country.”

Between now and the Summit, participants are busy raising the amount they need to contribute for their registration. They have been given the mission to communicate their involvement in the Summit in an effort to further encourage their participation in the overall development of their community and the entire Atlantic region.

Information :

Nadine Duguay
Executive director
Telephone: (506) 380-4986